VAT registered businesses, whether operating as a sole trader or limited company, will need to submit regular VAT returns and payments to HMRC. There are strict deadlines around VAT, from registering, to filing and paying. Failure to complete any of these in time or accurately can lead to significant penalties, which is understandably off putting and daunting for many. However, using our VAT return service can not only provide reassurance that all will be managed and in order, but can also bring the added advantage of ensuring that your cashflow is optimised.

Our VAT return service includes:

  • Advising on whether it would be beneficial for you to voluntarily register if under the VAT threshold
  • Helping you register for VAT with HMRC
  • Providing guidance on different VAT rates that apply to your goods or services
  • Calculating your VAT return and providing timely notification of your VAT liability or inform you if a VAT refund is due
  • Advising on the best VAT scheme to use for your business
  • Informing you of when you can choose to de-register for VAT or apply for an exception to registering for VAT
Vat Return

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Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is an independent family-run firm of chartered accountants based in Oxford. We are passionate about working with local businesses and are well-suited to support those in the Oxfordshire area, although we do have many clients further afield.

Ridgefield Consulting has a longstanding history of working with freelancers and sole traders, start-ups, and well-established companies. We understand that every business is different and has different needs, yet we ensure that no matter the size of your operations, how you like to run things, or at which stage you’re at; you receive the same level of attention and high-quality service we promise to every client.

Why use Ridgefield Consulting?

As an independent practice we’re able to offer highly competitive prices. Receive the same professional expertise as large regional firms but at a fair and reasonable cost to you.

We’d be a great fit for you if you’re looking for forward-thinking accountants. Our team do things differently here. Our approach is business-focused, results-driven, and collaborative. We peer review our work which means everyone shares their experiences and learnings from their own client portfolio or correspondences with HMRC to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest events.

How much does Ridgefield Consulting charge?

Ridgefield Consulting does not operate on fixed-fee charges. That’s because we don’t believe anyone should have to pay for more than what they need. Our VAT return fee will be based on several factors:

  • the number of transactions
  • the value of transactions
  • the complexity of the different VAT rates that apply to your business
  • how much support you require to submit your VAT digitally under Making Tax Digital
  • the level of advice and ongoing review you may need.

To receive a quote, we invite all potential new clients to a free no-obligation introductory consultation. We’re keen to learn more about your business and find ways in which we can help. From the consultation, we’ll be able to determine the above factors and then provide you with a line-by-line quote (usually within 2 working days) so that our fee is completely transparent to you.

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Registering and filing VAT returns are mandatory for all businesses with a VAT taxable turnover of £85,000 or more. If you’re starting a new business, it may be advantageous to register from the beginning, and we can advise on this. If you’re under the turnover but wish to voluntarily register, we can help you find the best VAT scheme to suit your business operations.

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