About Us

Ridgefield Consulting is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants based in Oxford and Henley-on-Thames

We understand it must be difficult when choosing the right accountant to use when there is an abundance of options available both locally and nationally.

We hope this page helps you find out a bit more about us and what makes us different, but we also invite you to get in touch for an introductory call where you can discuss your needs and concerns with one of our accountants, receive a fully bespoke, no-obligation quote, and see for yourself if we’re the type of accountants you’d like to work with.


Our Core Principles

Whilst tax and accounting are not often considered to be exciting disciplines, our team are nonetheless truly passionate about what they do because we are motivated by three core principles:

  • Encouraging entrepreneurship. The economy could not survive without the self-employed. Our wide range of tax and accounting services are built around enabling clients to pick and choose the support they require.

  • Facilitating research and development. Our expertise in R&D tax credits, SEIS/EIS, EMI share schemes and innovation business grants means we naturally understand what it is that start-ups and scale-ups need from business partnerships.

  • Providing tax clarity. Finding the right answers by yourself can be difficult when the UK tax system and rules are so convoluted. Our tax advice and tax planning services aim to help you find the best solutions for your personal circumstances.
A huge thank you to our clients who were happy to provide testimonials:

How to Get Started with Ridgefield Consulting

Our process is simple.

  1. Arrange an introductory call and tell us a bit about you and what you’d like help with.
  2. Receive a detailed line by line quote from us for you to consider
  3. Say yes, that you’d like to go ahead!
  4. Send us all the necessary documentation (we’ll let you know what those are!)
  5. Sit back and relax.

We’ll let you know when everything is done for you! If you have an accountant already then you’ll need to notify them in writing that you would like to switch. Just copy us into that email and we’ll take care of all future communications, including making sure we get a record of all the work they’ve done for you to date.

Tell us what you think

We always want to hear feedback. Think we can do something better? We’re all ears. Want to sing our praises? Please do so on Google, or any other review platforms of your choice:

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Tell us what you think Do you know someone who’s also looking for an accountant? We’re always so grateful to everyone who refers us new clients. As a small gesture of our thanks, we like to offer you a £75 reduction off your fee for every new client that comes our way as a result of your kind recommendation. If you only needed our help once we’ll offer you a £75 gift card of your choice instead.

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