A tax investigation occurs when HMRC decides they want to review either your personal or business tax affairs to check that you have paid the correct amount of taxes. Investigations are carried out by a specialist department that is dedicated to uncovering fraudulent or tax avoidance activities. Every year they have an increasing target to take criminal proceedings against perpetrators, which is why more and more people are receiving notification that their tax affairs are being investigated. When this happens, it is important to seek out professional help such as from a chartered accountant who will be able to support you with your case. This work incurs extra costs and can rapidly reach the thousands of pounds mark.

Ridgefield Consulting has been working together with Vantage to provide our clients with tax investigation fee protection. By taking out tax investigation fee protection, Vantage will cover our professional costs of representing you for the following types of investigations:

  • Corporation Tax and Income Tax full or aspect enquiries
  • PAYE/NIC compliance checks from the outset and disputes with HMRC following such checks
  • IR35/Employment Status/CIS enquiries and disputes
  • VAT compliance checks from the outset and disputes with HMRC following such checks
  • Business record checks, inspections, and interventions under HMRC’s Information & Inspection Powers at Schedule 36 FA 2008
  • Inheritance tax/ Probate return enquiries
  • Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Land Tax Enquiries
  • National Minimum Wage / National Living Wage enquiries
  • Child Tax Credit enquiries
  • Student Loan enquiries
  • Gift Aid enquiries
  • Companies House confirmation statement enquiries
  • Auto-enrolment return enquiries where the Policyholder has been engaged to complete the appropriate reporting statements and declarations

Tax Investigation Fee Protection

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Anyone who submits a personal tax return or business accounts to HMRC is at risk of a tax enquiry or investigation. Thousands of individuals and businesses are selected for such checks every year. HMRC uses sophisticated technology and intelligence to target certain people but will also carry out random checks to be able to meet targets. This means that not everyone who is investigated has done something wrong or unlawful but will still be obliged to provide HMRC with information and evidence as requested.

If you are concerned about being able to afford the professional costs of expert support throughout an investigation then tax investigation fee protection may be a suitable option for you to consider to ensure you are covered for such an eventuality.

Please note that we are only able to provide this service if you are a client for whom we provide personal or business tax services. We are unable to provide HMRC tax investigation support as an independent stand-alone service.

Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is based in Oxford and we are conveniently located to serve those in Wantage, Wheatley, Didcot and surrounding Oxfordshire areas. However, we do have full capability to serve clients further afield and regularly visit clients in locations such as London, Birmingham, and the Cotswolds.

We have a strong client base of business owners, either as sole-traders or limited company directors, with businesses of all sizes and from different industries, but we do in particular have specialist expertise in supporting high-innovation start-ups. We also have a wealth of experience of working with landlords, academics, and high-net worth individuals.

We do welcome clients from different backgrounds and always offer the first consultation free of charge so that we can introduce ourselves, find out more about you, and give you a chance to see if we would be a good fit for your needs.

What are the benefits of taking out Tax Investigation Fee Protection?

Unlike other policies such as car insurance, tax investigation fee protection is not a legal requirement. However, investing in such cover can:

  • Remove the significant worry of cost during a stressful time
  • Guarantee instant access to support from your accountant
  • Keep you informed and provide clarification as your accountant will explain and manage responses to all HMRC communications
How much does Tax Investigation Fee Protection cost?

The cost of cover is dependent on your income status from the following options:

  • Private individual – £37.00 *
  • Sole trader – £64.00
  • Partnership – £150.00 **
  • Limited company director – £150.00 **

* Where you receive rental income in excess of £50,000 per year you will need to upgrade your cover to sole trader level.

** Partnership and limited company director will cover the costs for business account investigations as well as personal tax investigations.

What to do if you want to take out Tax Investigation Fee Protection cover?

The policy we provide begins 1 December each year and will cover you for a one-year period. If you wish to take out cover outside of this timeframe you will be charged pro-rata depending on your start date but the policy will require renewing come 1 December.

  • To take out cover visit the Vantage online portal here.
  • Select your level of cover by using the drop-down menu options on the right-hand side of the page and then select continue
  • Follow the instructions on the page and register as a new client unless you are renewing your policy, in which case you should log in as an existing client
  • Complete payment online and wait to receive your confirmation email (don’t forget to check your spam folder)


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