Management Accounts


Not to be confused with the annual statutory accounts, management accounts are regular monthly or quarterly reports. Whereas statutory accounts will give you an overview of the year, management accounts will provide you with more detailed and timely information on how your business is currently performing. It is a highly recommended tool for tracking against how you are doing against your targets and will enable you to better control and maintain your business finances.

We can create a bespoke report to your specific business needs because we understand you’ll measure against your own KPIs. You can leave it to us as we’ll include all the essentials such as:

  • Profit and loss statement
  • Analysis of your cash flow with forecast
  • A balance sheet
  • Gross profit margins
  • Directors’ Loan Account review

Why choose us for your management accounts?

Because we’re business owners too. Ridgefield Consulting is an independent firm and an ambitious SME just like yours. That means, we talk business first and tax second. We won’t just leave you to stare at the numbers, we’ll help you make sense of them with an executive summary that explains the key points.

We’re not just Chartered Accountants, we’re Business Advisors. We offer strategic business advice and planning to help you grow. Get our advice on margin adjustments to maximise on profits, areas where you can cut down on costs, or the impact of taking up a loan.

We’re proactive experts. We utilise all our knowledge, training and expertise to your advantage. If we can see a better way to structure your business, pay yourself a salary, or utilise a tax allowance, we’ll let you know.

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