Company secretarial is often forgotten about, but it is by no means a less fundamental part of your overall corporate compliance obligations. Since 6 April 2008, there is no longer a legal requirement to appoint a specific person as your company secretary (unless expressly included in your articles of association). However, the company secretarial duties remain mandatory. It is particularly crucial to ensure your company secretarial is being managed appropriately, as there are serious consequences for failure to do so. These can range from receiving heavy fines to more severe penalties such as being struck off the company registers or company director disqualification. With that in mind, our comprehensive package means that you know everything for your company secretarial is in good hands and being taken care of for you:

  • We help you complete and file the annual confirmation statement (previously referred to as the annual return) with Companies House. This includes your business’s SIC code, statement of capital, trading status of shares and shareholder information
  • We maintain and update information (where necessary) at Companies House, such as any allocation of new shares (within 28 days), changes to directors’ addresses, any appointments, or resignations (within 14 days), as well as other details.
  • We offer a registered address service. A registered address for the company is required and is kept on public record. To protect your own personal privacy, we offer our clients an alternative address and ensure that all correspondence reaches your attention promptly.
  • We can help circulate any announcements or correspondence regarding dividends, registration of share ownership, transfers and all areas relating to shareholdings to the relevant parties (maintain your internal register).


Company Secretarial

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If you are running a business as a limited company then you will need to fulfil company secretarial obligations. However, if you are operating as a sole trader, company secretarial will not apply to you.

The benefits of using this service
  • Company secretarial can be time-intensive so leave the admin to the accountants
  • We’ll collate all the necessary information and ensure it’s uploaded to Companies House by the required deadline to ensure you don’t receive penalties
  • Avoid having to put your own address on the Companies House website which is open for public access. You can use our address for formal correspondence from Companies House and this also helps with preventing junk mail arriving at your offices.
Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is an independent firm of chartered accountants based in Oxford. We’re fully capable to serve the Oxfordshire area including Abingdon, Bicester and Witney; however, we do also have many clients from further afield.

We’re happy to help small to medium-sized businesses from all backgrounds. We’re especially experienced with supporting start-ups and often build long lasting relationships with them which means we’ve been working with them right from the very start and continue to do so as they’ve grown into well-established businesses.

We do welcome clients from different backgrounds and always offer the first consultation free of charge so that we can introduce ourselves, find out more about you, and give you a chance to see if we would be a good fit for your needs.

How much does the Company Secretarial service cost?

Ridgefield Consulting does not operate on fixed-fee charges. That’s because we don’t believe anyone should have to pay for more than what they need. The level of work required for completing the company secretarial service varies, depending on size of business, number of shareholders and other factors. During your first consultation with us, which is free of charge, we’ll be able to gather the information we need to determine the level of work involved. We’ll then follow up with a detailed quote so that you can assess our prices.

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