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Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are a lucrative tax relief opportunity for businesses who invest in innovating processes, products, services, or solutions. This means that where a company is spending money to develop or create a new or improve an existing process / product / service / solution and must overcome technological uncertainties, they are likely to be eligible to claim tax relief back on the money spent. The tax relief will be received as either a reduction on the corporation tax bill, cash credit if the company is loss-making, or a combination of the two.

Claiming R&D tax credits is complicated and requires knowledge and understanding of who and what will qualify, as well as knowing how to make a successful claim. However, our specialist R&D tax credit team will be able to:

  • Give you clarification on your eligibility and help you select the most appropriate scheme (SME R&D Tax Credits or Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC))
  • Offer advice on how to maximise an R&D claim as well as help you define parameters of your R&D projects
  • Support you on an Advance Assurance application where applicable
  • Help you write a comprehensive claim application, including technical narrative, as well as provide necessary tax calculations
  • Guide you strategically on how to use other available government grants suitable for your business

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R&D tax credits are only available to UK limited companies and are not suitable for individuals, sole traders, or limited liability partnerships (LLPs). R&D tax credits are largely available to most businesses of all sizes from all sectors so it’s very much worthwhile to enquire and have an exploratory conversation with us to determine your eligibility if you’re unsure.

The benefits of using our R&D tax credit service

There are various services available on the market that can help you make an R&D claim, however these are largely unregulated. By using chartered accountants who are governed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), you are guaranteed a high professional standard of work and service. What’s more, working with accountants who specialise in R&D tax credit claims can have further benefits including:

  • Working with partners who can highlight opportunities to minimise your tax liability for the whole business and not just R&D projects
  • Help you plan out cashflow to ensure your project will be sufficiently funded
  • Access our accountants’ experience and expertise on what HMRC look out for on R&D tax credit claims for improved success rates
  • Receive expert strategic advice and a forward-thinking approach to your claim to ensure you do not invalidate yourself from other funding opportunities
Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is located in Oxford which makes up part of the Golden Triangle between London and Cambridge. We’re extremely well-placed to support the thriving innovation centres and science parks around Oxfordshire as well as young university spin-outs.

Traditionally we have worked with several successful biotech businesses on their R&D tax credit claims; however over recent years we have been expanding our reach and would welcome the opportunity to work with business of all industry backgrounds.

How much does Ridgefield Consulting charge for an R&D tax credit claim?

We offer an extremely competitive and high-quality comprehensive service. A written report for HMRC which includes an introduction, claim summary, methodology, R&D project and appendices (calculations) is provided free of charge.

Our fees are instead based on successful R&D claims where we charge 12.5% of the tax credit or 12.5% of the corporation tax saving (if no tax credit is claimed or is not applicable).

We also offer capped fees where the claim value is above £200,000:

  • 5% of the first £200,000 claim value
  • 8% of the next £200,000 claim value
  • 5% on any further claim value over £400,000

Our minimum fee is £2,000 or £4,000 for a two year claim.

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