Industrial research grants are highly attractive and sought-after funding opportunities that are awarded by the government, the European Union, charities, or other organisations. They are notoriously difficult to obtain as they are restricted to those business projects that align to very specific purposes (additional eligibility restrictions may also apply). Furthermore, available funds from grants are incredibly limited and competition is fierce. However, if successfully obtained, industrial research grants offer a significant injection of cash that will allow you to take your business to the next level.

Ridgefield Consulting is an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors based in Oxford. Our expertise in Innovation Support means we provide a specialist range of services aimed at businesses that require tax-efficient schemes to support accelerated growth. Our Grant Application, Support & Consultation service can be tailored to different levels of support you may need and can include:

  • Consultation and brainstorming session to devise potential grant-eligible projects that will align with your own existing business
  • Test and develop your business strategy and revenue model
  • Research your market and supply chain
  • Create a plan of action and roadmap of deliverables which we will ensure are both achievable and valuable to all project stakeholders
  • Identify potential required partners and plan a strategy on how to engage with them for the project
  • Prepare a comprehensive project proposal which includes outlining technical approach, evaluating the market, and brokering collaborations between you and partners
  • Write and submit your grant application for you (see below for why it’s important to use an expert to complete your application)
  • Carry out contract negotiations on your behalf with the grant issuer
  • Provide project management and project delivery support to ensure every quarterly grant claim is successfully awarded

If you're seeking out expert help to applying for grants, continue reading below for more information on this service.

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Applying for and winning grants is not going to be an appropriate funding option for all businesses. At its most basic, grants are only recommended for those with a business concept that will benefit the wider society rather than just the business itself. Ridgefield Consulting look forward to discussing our Grant Application, Support & Consultation service with:

  • First time grant applicants – If the whole grant process is completely new to you then seek out guidance from experts
  • Previously unsuccessful grant applicants – Rejected applications are incredibly frustrating but our experience allows us to spot the gaps you have missed
  • Innovate UK grant applicants or those seeking Innovate Smart Feasibility Study funding
  • Horizon 2020 EU grant applicants or those seeking Horizon EME Instrument funding
  • Eureka grant applicants
  • Companies looking to begin investing in developing new products or services
Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is based in Oxford. It is not only our location, but our experience and expertise in providing specialist Innovation Support services over the years that has led to us to serve a wide range clients within the ‘Golden Triangle’ – Oxford, London and Cambridge.

Our beginnings stem from supporting start-ups, but as we helped them grow, we grew alongside them also. We’ve become well-established in the R&D community, particularly in the Biotech sector, however, remain well suited to work with start-ups as well as more established companies from other industries.

We welcome clients from different backgrounds and always offer the first consultation free of charge so that we can introduce ourselves, find out more about you, and give you a chance to see if we would be a good fit for your needs.

What are the benefits of using a Grant service?

The application form is only the first hurdle, and many tend to forget that there are numerous challenges that com before, between and after. Our Grant Application, Support & Consultation service does much more than help you write a compelling application:

  • Improve your likelihood of securing a grant with access to our knowledge and experience gained from successfully winning grants for multiple businesses from all different industries
  • Help you build up your reputation with funding bodies, align to their objectives and correctly interpret feedback
  • Stick with you until you win, with free resubmissions (conditions apply)
  • Remove distractions and allow you to continue crucial day-to-day operations whilst we take care of the time-intensive preparations for your grant
  • Protect you from invalidating yourself from future access to other grants or other means of funding such as R&D tax credits by helping you negotiate the terms of your grant
  • Keep you on track delivering your grant project, drawing down quarterly grant claims on time and producing reports that build up your score with the grant body
How much will Ridgefield Consulting charge to help me apply for a grant?

Our grant application, support and consultation service is a premium service which is highly labour intensive and requires us to work closely together with you as business partners and not just as third party service providers. As such, we want to be as straight forward and transparent with our fees as possible.

We typically operate the following fee structure:

  • 5% of the grant amount as an up-front fee retainer for consultation, planning and partnership sourcing
  • 5% of the grant upon submission for writing the application and ensuring all plans are solidly in place should you get the grant go-ahead
  • 5% of the grant amount upon success

Through our years of experience working with small to medium sized companies seeking out grants, we understand that funding and cashflow can be a difficulty at such early stages of the grant application. Every business is different, and we genuinely enjoy meeting such diverse innovative entrepreneurs, so we would welcome the opportunity to discuss other means of financing this service where necessary.

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