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With two first-class universities and several leading science parks in Oxford and Oxfordshire, it’s no wonder why the city has been named one of the most innovative destinations in Europe. Oxford is particularly well equipped for the Biotech sector and home to some of the best thought-leadership and discoveries in the field. We take a proactive approach when working with...

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Oxford continues to maintain its reputation for being one of the UK’s most notable historic cities, and yet it’s certainly not stuck in the past. Plenty of investment has been committed to housing, commerce and transport, so with rapid expansion and numerous new developments across the whole of Oxfordshire, high skilled and high in demand tradespeople naturally make up a...

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With the population of Oxford largely being made up of students, visiting academics, and young professionals, the rental market continues to steadily flourish. Property has long since been considered a worthwhile investment, although confidence and interest has wavered during challenging economic periods as well as the numerous changes in legislative policy. Despite this, it appears to have had little impact...

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We work with all different types of agencies, and use the term broadly to encompass the myriad of service providers around Oxford. From web design, to estate agents, to pet grooming; the one thing they have is common is that we’ll work with them as part of their own team. Often, agencies like to rely on us to manage their...

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Oxford is ranked one of the top cities in the country to form a start-up; boasting high business survival rates, good access to a strong talent pool, and a wealth of business support services. Once a start-up ourselves, we’ve been giving back by supporting local entrepreneur groups such as Oxford Entrepreneurs and Start-Up Demo Night. We’re able to help you...

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