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Getting yourself set up with Ridgefield Consulting is simple and it starts with having a conversation. We like to invite all new potential clients in to meet with us for a free introductory consultation. It gives us a chance to find out more about you, what you’re looking to achieve, and determine the best way we can help. We always like to put a face to a name so you’re most welcome to come and meet with us at our office. Alternatively, if more convenient, we also offer telephone consultations.

Once we’ve had a chance to assess your needs, we’ll put forward to you a quote for the work bespoke to your requirements. This will always be provided within 2 working days because we understand that you’ll be wanting to make a decision. Please do provide comments on your thoughts regarding the quote, as this enables us to discuss any questions you might have. We appreciate that you may be seeking out other accountants to compare their prices, so any feedback you would be happy to share with us will mean that we can ensure we’re always offering the best value for money.

We of course hope you’re happy to proceed at this point. All it takes is an email or call to let us know you’d like to join us! From there, we’ll allocate the most appropriate accountant from our team that will be best suited to handle your work. They’ll be in touch in no time for all the information required so that they can get started on your work straight away.

Sometimes though, you might not be just quite ready to go ahead yet – and that’s absolutely fine. When that’s the case, we like to keep in touch from time to time to see how things are going. That way, we’re ready to hit the ground running once you decide on your accountant. If you change your mind however, just let us know so that we’re only contacting you when we need to be.

If you already have an accountant, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ll handle the transfer of your information and documents for you. You will have to inform your old accountants yourself that you intend to switch over to us. We recommend a written email with [email protected] copied in, as it means we can then pick up and handle any future correspondence.

From there, we’ll make sure that working with Ridgefield Consulting is a seamless process. We’re easy to approach for questions, fast and efficient when looking for answers, and always open to any other ways we can help.


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