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As accountants, our priority is not simply delivering the tax or accounting service you’re looking for. Instead, what we think is most important is understanding how handling these matters will help and benefit you. So, whether what you truly need is for someone to explain why it is you have this amount of tax to pay, how to reduce it, or even reminding you of the deadlines of when you need to pay your tax bill by so you don’t face fines or penalties, that’s the service we’re offering and completing your tax return correctly will come as standard.
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Accountancy client

• R&D Tax Credits


• EMI Scheme

• Research Grants

Innovation Support

When you’ve got an idea, it’s important to have the right people behind you. Ridgefield Consulting are the perfect partners to help support you from the scrutiny of HMRC, grants bodies and investors.
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    Using Ridgefield Consulting has enabled me to grow my business without me having to invest a disproportionate amount of my time in management, so I can get on and enjoy what I do best.
    Reuben Diffey, Managing Director Property Formula

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