What is SEIS?

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is designed to help small early-stage companies raise funds by offering tax relief to investors buying ordinary shares of that company.

How much funding can I gain as a start-up?

In total you could receive up to £150,000 from multiple investors, and up to £100,000 maximum from one individual investor.

What are the benefits to investors?

SEIS is an attractive tax relief option for investors as they can receive 50% off their income tax on investments of up to £100,000 per tax year. In addition, any profits made from their investment are exempt from capital gains tax when held for more than 3 years.

How do I set up SEIS?

As of 2018, the government are now getting stricter with SEIS applications. Find out about the changes and how you should prepare you claim in our article 2018 changes to EIS and SEIS.

To discuss using SEIS for your business or any help with the process of claiming get in touch with us today. Or are you an established start-up? Consider using EIS.


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Am I eligible for SEIS?

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