An Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme is one type of HMRC approved business share scheme. Approved schemes are ones which aim to support businesses grow by offering tax advantages, so long as eligibility requirements are met. The purpose of EMI schemes is to help businesses recruit and retain employees by offering them the opportunity to purchase shares in the company for a fixed price which may be worth significantly more in the future. Not only that but shares that have been purchased through an EMI scheme may qualify for tax relief and companies can also receive tax benefits through reducing their corporation tax once shares have been sold.

Ridgefield Consulting is not only a firm of chartered accountants but also ICAEW registered business advisors. We’re particularly well-experienced with supporting young start-ups to flourish into scale-ups. Whilst we’re able to provide a bespoke all-inclusive package of services to suit your business needs, we also offer the one-off service of setting up your EMI share scheme and ongoing management to include:

  • Initial advice and assessment as to whether the EMI scheme is the best course of action to achieve your business objectives
  • Help designing your EMI scheme so that it aligns with business goals
  • Produce your valuation report and submitting to HMRC with the necessary VAL231 form
  • Report EMI option grants to HMRC as and when required
  • Prepare and file annual EMI option scheme return
  • Advice on procedure for EMI option exercise and accounting for tax
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Our EMI share scheme set up and management service is only suitable for small to medium sized limited companies. To be eligible for EMI share schemes a company must have fewer than 250 employees and under £30 million in gross assets.

As chartered accountants, we have an obligation to only offer this service to those companies wishing to utilise the scheme for the purpose of growing the business through recruitment and not for any tax avoidance reasons.

Who does Ridgefield Consulting work with?

Ridgefield Consulting is based in Oxford. We have the privilege of being local to support the number of thriving start-ups in the area including university spin-outs and innovative business park networks. We’re able to take on new clients from locations other than Oxford and are particularly well-suited to work with entrepreneurial, fast-growing, and commercially minded organisations due to our experience with supporting many young start-ups become well-established businesses in their own field.

What are the benefits of using Ridgefield Consulting for my EMI share scheme?

One of the biggest barriers for companies to successfully execute their EMI share scheme is stumbling at common pitfalls. Our expertise can help by:

  • Explaining the strict eligibility criteria for both companies and employees
  • Highlighting areas of possible concern that could invalidate your scheme and offering solutions
  • Ensuring the VAL231 form is submitted correctly to HMRC
  • Ensuring your annual return is submitted correctly to deadline
How much does Ridgefield Consulting charge?

Our fee for setting up and managing an EMI scheme is highly dependent upon the complexity required to achieve your desired business objectives and the number of employees that will benefit from the scheme. We do not offer fixed rates because we don’t believe that anyone should pay for more than what they need. To provide a quote, we’re happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements and scope of work. We aim to provide all quotes within 1 – 2 working business days.

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