With two first-class universities and several leading science parks in Oxford and Oxfordshire, it’s no wonder why the city has been named one of the most innovative destinations in Europe. Oxford is particularly well equipped for the Biotech sector and home to some of the best thought-leadership and discoveries in the field.

We take a proactive approach when working with Biotechs, especially when it comes to their R&D tax credits claim. Many companies are still unaware of this option, and are missing out on valuable tax reliefs that could provide the extra funding to continue their research and development. We continually reach out to make sure companies are well informed when it comes to their eligibility. For those already mindful of their R&D, we’re here to work with them to maximise their claim on a contingent fee basis with no contractual lock-in arrangements and caps available.


What qualifies as R&D?

What costs can I recover through R&D?

Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC)

How do I claim R&D Tax Credits?

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How to use R&D Tax Credits together with Grants

EIS – Enterprise Investment Scheme

2018 Changes to EIS & SEIS

EIS for Knowledge Intensive Companies

Entrepreneurs’ Relief

Patent Box

Grant Application, Support & Consultation

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