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Our new starter, Chloe, has joined Ridgefield Consulting as an Admin & Accounts Assistant. She’ll be your first port of call, answering the telephone or meeting you at the door of our office. Read her interview to find out how it’s been for her starting her first full-time office job.

Tell us how you ended up at Ridgefield Consulting.

After studying Business and Travel & Tourism at Abingdon & Witney College for 3 years, I was unsure on what career path I wanted to take. Having been involved in gymnastics for many years of my life and being a part-time coach at my club, I had many options but what I wanted to focus on I was unsure.

During College, I enjoyed having my part-time job as a gymnastics coach. I had been a competitive gymnast myself for 13 years and during this time, I reached Regional level competitions. I trained many hours at a young age which helped me progress and prepare for competitions. As a result of this, I got into coaching at the age of 14 and went on to coach a competitive boy’s squad group of gymnasts aged 6-8 years old. I still from time to time help out with the Boys squad which I thoroughly enjoy.

I looked for office-based jobs on many different websites and applied to a few companies and one of these was Ridgefield Consulting. When I came across the job advert I was unsure on if I should apply as I had always enjoyed Maths in school and accountancy had always been of interest to me but I was wasn’t sure if – from my college subject – I would be able to get a position in such a different subject area. I decided to apply as the worst that can happen is that the company could say ‘Sorry you aren’t suitable for the job role’ which wouldn’t have surprised me due to the vast variety from Travel & Tourism to Accounting.

To my surprise, I was accepted for an interview. I was quite nervous as I didn’t know a great deal on what it would be like and also not coming from a background of accounting or having much knowledge in the subject area was a bit of a worry to me. However I did my revision on the company and looked on the website to see what I could find out & I remembered something I was told back in my first week of college – which is ‘be confident &always wear a watch to an interview as it’s the 1st thing an employer looks for in an interviewee’. I kept that in mind on the day.

When I found out I had got the job I was extremely shocked but thrilled as I proved to myself that, although I studied a totally different subject in College, with determination, confidence and company knowledge it is possible to get the job you are after.

Honestly, how did you find your first week working here?

My first week at Ridgefield Consulting was great. I had minimal office experience from previous work experience in Secondary school and College so I was unsure how to approach the start of my new job but I was welcomed by all of the team in the company and everyone was so kind and friendly and made me feel part of the team right away. The process wasn’t rushed and each person that had to train me on something new, whether it be a software or the process of how things are done in this office, was so patient and always ensured I understood everything that I was required to do. I didn’t find any of the new tasks too challenging, however, I had a lot of information to remember due to everything being different and new so I ensured I took notes of all the steps I had to follow to ensure everything is done correctly.

Now that you’re one month in, what do you think about working here?

My first month at Ridgefield Consulting has gone incredibly fast. I’m still in shock that I managed to get the job. All of the team here at Ridgefield Consulting are so lovely and couldn’t do more to help myself or any of the clients that walk through the door. The team have introduced me slowly to the daily jobs I’m going to be undertaking and not rushed the process of learning new programs which have helped me pick up the new programs easily. Having little knowledge from when I started was always a worry however 1 month in and I already feel like I have learnt lots and have loads more to learn. I am looking forward to learning more about the job role and to undertake more tasks as and when they are handed to me.

What’s different about working at Ridgefield Consulting than other offices you’ve done work experience in?

In previous work experience placements, I have worked in both smaller and larger offices. Ridgefield Consulting is a small team but everyone that works here are here to ensure that clients get the commitment they are looking for when needing an accountant. The Team is very family orientated, dedicated and focused onto each individual client to ensure that the right service is always provided.

What’s Simon really like as a boss?

Simon is very dedicated to his clients and his team. He always ensures that the team are goal focused and he constantly provides positive feedback to his employees. He can be very patient and listens to the staff that work for him.

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