Here at Ridgefield Consulting, all new team members start off at the deep end! It’s certainly not a case of sink or swim, but as a small business, it allows us to quickly see what an individual is capable of, make good use of their natural aptitudes and learn how to best support them.

When Jamie first started as a Marketing Assistant, we set him the challenge of creating a series of videos and this is his first attempt. From never having produced a video before, he’s devised a concept, written a script, organised production and edited. We think that’s an amazing achievement and we couldn’t be more excited to share the fruits of his labour.

Managing to hit two birds with one stone, Jamie’s video will give you an insight into what it’s really like being new to the team as he interviews our Junior Accounts Associate, Nisali, who’s also just recently joined the company.

Please do encourage and support Jamie by commenting on the video and letting him know what you’d like to see next. Make sure you subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated on our latest news and content releases from Jamie.

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