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Over the next few months, we’ll be working towards some exciting new changes and developments. Whilst we can’t reveal them all yet, what we can say is that we will need your help.

Our goal:

Accountants have long been perceived in a certain way, perhaps described as boring or arduous (if you haven’t yet, you might want to read Simon’s article: 5 myths on accountants and the truth). We hope that after working with us, we’ve been able to present a refreshing change to what you may have experienced in the past, or what you were maybe expecting. At Ridgefield Consulting, our mission is not to complete tax returns for as many people or companies as possible. Our genuine and continued mission is to work with and support local businesses so that we can all thrive as part of this community. To that end we understand that to be able to do this, we will need to build on our existing relationships, make new connections as well as connect others, and share each other’s success.

The project:

We’re looking to collaborate with our clients to create case studies, showing more people what can really be achieved when they work with an accountant that fits them and their needs. Whether we just help you complete your tax return and that gives you peace of mind that all is in hand with someone reliable, or possibly even helped you get a tax refund, to businesses who have seen growth as a result of our advice, we’d really like for you to get in touch.

What we need your help with:

To contribute to our case studies we would like to arrange a video interview that will be recorded and made available on our website and social media channels. Alternatively, if you’re camera shy, we can just organise the interview over email with a few simple questions for you to complete but we will still request photos (just to show people you are real!)

What it means to us:

As a thank you, all businesses will be able to promote themselves during the video, as well as a shared link on our website. For those clients who we only help with their self-assessment tax return, we will be sure to show our appreciation with a thoughtful gift.

To apply, please get in touch with the Marketing Manager, Kizzy on [email protected] 

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