The run-up to Christmas is a time to be joyous and care-free. Certainly, our team is busy with social events such as our own Christmas party and also very much looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. It is, however, unfortunately also a time where malicious individuals may choose to take advantage of the busy period and target those who may be less vigilant during the festive season.

We have noticed an increase in attempts from outside third parties to extract payments or personal data using fake emails, also known as ‘phishing’ emails. They are becoming more and more convincing and we want to ensure that none of our clients falls victim to these.

Please stay alert and keep in mind the following which will help you to spot authentic and genuine emails from the Ridgefield Consulting team:

  • All our emails will contain the Ridgefield Consulting email signature. An exception to this may be when we are replying directly via a chain of emails to you already.



  • We will never send out links to pages which immediately request online payment of any kind. The only instance where a link to our website will point you towards a portal for payment is for those wishing to take our Tax Investigation Fee Protection.
  • We will only ever request payment of your bill to be paid into one bank account and this is included on all our statements which will be on our official letter headed paper.

If you are ever unsure as to the legitimacy of an email which comes from us, please do not hesitate to contact us directly in the office on 01865 24 55 11 and speak to a member of the team for confirmation.

For an extra level of protection when it comes to sending us confidential and sensitive information or documents please use the client zone.

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