Avoid automatic fines and penalties by ensuring you don’t let tax deadlines sneak up on you. Bookmark this page or download our 2018/19 tax calendar which will also remind you of other handy-to-know dates.

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April 2018

2 – Easter Monday Bank Holiday.

5 – Last day for 2017/18 ISA investment allowance. Each year you’re allowed to put a maximum of £20,000 across each type of ISA with a maximum of £4,000 in Lifetime ISAs. Find out more here.
5 – Last day to make disposals using 2017/18 Capital Gains Tax exemption.

6 – Start of the new tax year 2018/19.
6 – Your personal tax-free allowance will increase to £11,850.
6 – The lifetime allowance for pension savings will rise to £1,030,000.


1 – Additional penalties for late filing of 2016/17 tax return will start automatically on this day. The fines are £10 per day from today, up to a maximum of £900 total.

7 – Early Bank Holiday.

25 – GDPR comes into force. A complete guide can be found from the Information Commissioner’s Office website. 

28 – Spring Bank Holiday.

31 – All employees are to receive P60 (End of Year Certificate).


17 – Father’s Day.


5 – Deadline to opt into HMRC PAYE Settlement Agreement. Speak to us on advice as to whether this would be suitable for your business.

6 – Deadline for P11D and P11D(b) for 2017/18.

19 – Payment for Class 1A NICs due for 2017/18.

31 – Second self-assessment tax return pay instalment due for the financial year 2016/17.


27 – Summer Bank Holiday.


30 – Reclaim VAT on supplies from EU.


5 – Deadline to register for new self-employment status.

19 – Tax and NIC due from 2017/18 PAYE Settlement Agreement.

28 – Clocks go back one hour.


5 – Guy Fawkes Night.


1 – Small Business Saturday 2018.

24 – Christmas Eve.

25 – Christmas Day (bank holiday).

26 – Boxing Day (bank holiday).

30 – Deadline for claim to collect 2017/18 tax liability through 2019/20 PAYE code.

31 – New Year’s Eve.

January 2019

1 – New Year’s Day (bank holiday).

31 – Deadline to submit and pay for your 2017/18 self-assessment tax return online.
31 – Deadline to submit first self-assessment tax return payment on account towards 2018/19.


1 – Automatic £100 penalty for late filing of 2017/18 self-assessment tax return.

14 – Valentine’s Day.


2 – Late payment penalty for 2017/18 tax liability (5% of the overall tax due).

31 – Mother’s Day.
31 – Clocks go forward one hour.

Regular Tax Payments 

In addition to the above, there are some further regular deadlines which are specific to business owners only.

1st of each month – Deadline for paying corporation tax (for those with an accounting period that ended nine months previously). Find out more about the Company Tax Return here.

7th of each month – Deadline for submitting and paying company VAT for the VAT period that ended 1 month and 7 days prior (payment deadline is extended to 13th if payment is made by direct debit)

22nd of each month – Deadline for submitting and paying PAYE and NIC for the month (or the 1st of January, April, July and October if paying quarterly).

Last day of each month – Deadline for submitting Company Tax Return (CT600) for the accounting period that ended on the same date the year before.
Last day of each month –  Deadline for submitting company accounts with Companies House (applies nine months after your company year end).

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