You can indeed create a company online for the price of a sandwich and a pint! However, there is often much more required for the ship to be ready to set sail.

Companies House sure, but then also registration for corporation tax (mandatory when trading), VAT (the correct type that will save your venture £), a director’s payroll (to save your venture more ££), and then a shareholders’ agreement (which could save you eons of £££ down the line!).

Section 431 claims (to ensure future share disposals are treated as capital rather than income), there is a lot more to it than simply registering a name. Then there’s the IP, let’s not forget the IP.

We work with our independent lawyers and through our dedicated company secretarial software to ensure that the foundations are in place, all the dots and crosses know their place; we are watertight and good to go.


We know lots of people, we are sure that you do too!
Scaling mountains requires resources, clear thinking and help.

We can assist in finding the right people through our extensive network, we can then protect you legally and financially once we have found them.

Covenants, share options, EMI schemes, employee investors, employment contracts, we work with our Independent lawyers who can navigate these paths for you.


What stage are you at – SEIS, EIS rounds 2 and 3, MVP / clinical trials, there is a proforma per industry type, and we plan with you to make your bespoke offering as safe as can be for investment.

Having your budgets, cash flow projections in line, means that you can concentrate on your pitch.
We’ll have your back on the numbers.

As for introductions, well we call on our network again. We know specific backers per industry type at the seed and VC levels.


You’ve hit the big time and you really now need your internal controls in place.
You need an audit, you have a board, you have additional regulatory responsibilities.

You are now a businessman, a facilitator, the stability of the core.

We’ll guide you as you become familiar with your new role, the challenges, the attacks that you may face.
We work with you to take on new advisors, appraise new markets, complete resolutions and board decisions.


The competition wants to buy you out, your work is done, or you simply want to move on!

We explain and plan the most tax efficient strategy for your exit.
Again, we appraise all board considerations, making recommendations as we go.

Acqui-hire, MBO, IPO, merger, dissolution, we are there, just as we were when we started, to be your advisor.

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