The need for specialists?

We are startup specialists, we don’t work with any other form of entity, we sponsor Oxford Entrepreneurs, we work with the Launchpad, we move in the accelerator circles, we are tech and biotech enthusiasts.

We’ve done this many times before and are eager to do it again and again!

Any industry sector brings its own unique challenges, you want and need those that have been there before, those that can see the shark before the fin crests the wave; we are that experience, we are the light for your path.

Where are we really, with cloud accounting?

We are not affiliated with any specific form of online accounting software as we believe that different options are different solutions depending on the stage and complexity of the venture.

Being specialists, we are also aware of some of the disadvantages of the products that are currently on the market, as the industry is so fresh, many of the shortcomings of cloud accounting are currently overlooked.

That said, we are connected to all the main providers in the field, and know all the key UK contacts at each provider should you need any of your questions answering.

In summary, we work for you, we provide the guidance, you choose the method, then you sit back and we’ll hit all your regulatory deadlines.

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